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Snowy bits and pieces

‘It never snows in Beachville’, Himself informed me. This was Monday night: ‘Well, not very much at all’, He said. And Tuesday morning the penguins started to disappear: But Norman loved it (Really.  He bounced around like a puppy ): … Continue reading

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The losing of the plot

I don’t know if it’s too much work, too much running, too much house-wife-ing (because not only am I now cooking proper food that doesn’t include toast, but last week I took the hem up on a pair of curtains.  … Continue reading

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Christmas and coldness and frost bites

I have snow (on the blog.  Not in Beachville.  And actually, the snow is only on some formats – possibly just desktops, but you know.  Snow is snow, and I kind of have some, somewhere).  And that must mean it’s … Continue reading

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This week in makingness…

(Sorry, these things are all rather random and the day has been too long to wind them together in a better way, so in the style of ‘showing’ / ‘show and tell’ at primary school…) This week I’ve made: …Cherry Pie. … Continue reading

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An open letter to thermostat person

Dear person in charge of the UK thermostat, Are you having a laugh?  It is the end of April and it might as well be February.  Us British already talk too much about the weather – I’m crocheting a temperature … Continue reading

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One epic commute

OK, so the UK is not known for its ability to deal with any sort of weather that could be classed as ‘out of the ordinary’ (ie, not damp and grey) but let’s ignore that fact and just accept that … Continue reading

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A weirdy old week…

Wow, it’s been a weirdy old week. Snow in Bumpkinsville meant that Sister 1 had to extract me in her 4×4 on Sunday so I could get to the station and to Milton Keynes for a training course.  Of course, the trains … Continue reading

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