Snowy bits and pieces

‘It never snows in Beachville’, Himself informed me.

This was Monday night:

‘Well, not very much at all’, He said.

And Tuesday morning the penguins started to disappear:

But Norman loved it (Really.  He bounced around like a puppy ):

And this morning it was still there and still cold (-6.6 when I checked), but much less:

It seems it had moved to London, where Himself ran into work from the station (of course he did) and took these:

You don’t often see much snow in London either.

The thing I find amusing about this – and the fact that public transport has been hit and miss, schools have closed and anyone who can has worked from home –  is the conversation I had with my manager – who live in Eagan – on Friday.  At the end of our meeting we talked about weekend plans and she said she was hoping to go to an art gallery that evening, but it depended on the snow because another 6 inches were forecast that afternoon. ‘Another?’ I asked ‘How much do you have right now?’

‘5 from last night.’

‘You are working at home today?’ I checked.  No.  No – she had driven to the office.  ‘Because it’s not that unusual!’

But that aside, it was lovely here for a day and a bit, but it’s time for it to go now as Little Pea is due to visit this weekend and we’re not as hard as those bods in Eagan – and driving to pick him up will be very tricky if we have more than a few more flakes. :o)


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