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Bank holiday adventuring

In my ‘committed spinster with a cat and (slightly out of control) crochet habit’ days my weekends consisted of…well, crochet; usually with the company of Norman cat, late night TV or Radio 4, lunch at Mum and Dad’s with my … Continue reading

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Many birthday purrrs

Norman is a teenager! Thirteen today. These days, Norman is a grumpy old man; I am the only one he doesn’t swipe at (although sometimes I get that variety of grumpy treatment too) and he spends an awful lot of … Continue reading

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For the love of balls

Percy loves balls. He loves snoofing out lost balls, befriending them and bringing them home to be one of the family.  He does that around three times a week.  Which is why we ended up with an over flowing box … Continue reading

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The worlds most expensive socks?

Sometime at the end of last year I was with a group of people talking about hobbies and I said I like to crochet.  Someone else said they did too and they were making a pair of socks and I … Continue reading

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the power of apple crumble

Beryl up the road is 92. Beryl walks her dog every day, pretty much irrespective of the weather.  She is accompanied by Derrick (or maybe he is the one doing the accompanying) who I suspect is a fair bit younger, … Continue reading

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How old?

I went to see Mum and Dad today. I took Mum to the garden centre and on the way – I don’t remember why – she asked how old she is.  I am utterly rubbish when it comes to peoples … Continue reading

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An uneventful week away…

Last week we went to Cornwall; me, Mr R, the boys (2×2 legs, 1×4 legs) and Nanna and Pops.  (Nanna and Pops stayed in the house next door to save their sanity). 20 minutes after arriving Percy hurtled upstairs into … Continue reading

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The mysteries of teenage boys laundry

Well hello there! It’s been a while (again!).  I was going to do a ‘this is where I am and why I’ve not posted for a while’ update, but thought I’d just get back to it…and try to stick to … Continue reading

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A Little Pea and Little Wisp sleepover and the lessons of spicy toothpaste

It was a Little Pea and Little Wisp sleepover the other week. With so few weekends to choose from, it ended up being one where Himself was away on an expedition that involved making fire and building camps (it’s probably … Continue reading

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A little teasing can go a long way

Acceptable things to tease about in this house: That Brighton football team are rubbish regardless of how well they are actually  (me to Smaller boy, who might just be their biggest fan) That Bigger boy has no common sense, despite … Continue reading

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