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Stupid, soggy, but smiley

One thing I like about running is that in  lycra, everyone is on an equal playing field.  You can’t tell who has money, who has a high powered job, you can’t even tell who is actually good at running as … Continue reading

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Another new experience (that I possibly should have avoided)

If you’ve been around for longer than I deserve to have had you here, you’ll know that a few years ago I decided to learn to scuba dive, despite being scared of going under water.  Rather than finding I could … Continue reading

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Getting Googled

I’m not the worlds best driver (I’m still not sure if I failed my first test because I got in the wrong side of the car and settled in the passenger seat, or if it was that emergency stop that … Continue reading

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Norman Love

I’m not ashamed to say it:  I am trying to encourage the fur ball to love me more. Since we moved in with Himself, Norman has….well, Norman has transferred his affections.  I suspect he is in love with Himself.  I … Continue reading

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Alternative Pride and an alternative umbrella

It was Pride in Beachville yesterday, but by the time Himself and I discovered we had a couple of spare hours to do something, all the free parts had finished and I thought this might be the closest we’d get … Continue reading

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Birthday planning

Yesterday was the birthday of Himself.  (That seems like the most arse about tit way of writing a sentence but at this stage on a Friday, I’m not sure what it would be.)  Anyway, I was most excited.  Himself had … Continue reading

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Ghosts, evil squirrels and sacrificial tables

Well, I suspected this house might have a ghost – it’s very old, the backdoor is often open in the morning and the hall way makes funny noises.  Then I realised that Himself and I were just rubbish at remembering … Continue reading

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