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cat post and lovely friends

Yesterday morning, Norman received some post. Some of his furball friends had been very generous, and, it has to be said, very impressive when it came to writing, wrapping and using parcel tape. I don’t think my words can add … Continue reading

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Animal superpowers

Yesterday I told someone at work that my cat has quite a personality.  She said ‘all animals do though, don’t they?’  My first instinct was that she didn’t get it – Norman is different.  I mean, you’ve seen this, right? … Continue reading

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Greek animals great and small

This time last week I was in Ithaca.  My body is back in the UK – I know this because of things like the sudden drop in temperature and the number of e-mails I’ve got through this week.  My head … Continue reading

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Animals, the big, the little and the electronic

We went to the vets today, me and Norman.  Just to be clear, unlike the time I had a bike crash and got the vet to check me over, this time Norman was the only patient.  It was just for … Continue reading

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The potential of furry paws

You know how when you use that stuff on your cat (and dog?) to prevent them getting nasties like fleas and they HATE it?  I now understand their pain. Because I pulled my hair out for such a long time … Continue reading

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Pud Tats (sorry Dog Bods)

Not much tends to happen (at least for me) at the start of January, so the choice of blog post topics tonight are cats or Bradleys.  As, I imagine,  more of you have a cat than a Bradley (and I … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

Hello – I’m back from my little spot of paradise!  I’ve been to Ithaca (teeny Greek island) on a real family holiday with Mum, Dad, Sisters 1 & 2 and Sister 2’s other half.  I thought I’d summarise a few of … Continue reading

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