The potential of furry paws

You know how when you use that stuff on your cat (and dog?) to prevent them getting nasties like fleas and they HATE it?  I now understand their pain.

Because I pulled my hair out for such a long time (if this is something new to you, read back to this post) there are patches that are refusing to grow back – presumably because I have terrified them into submission.  So yesterday I thought I’d go to Boots to see if there was anything the pharmacist could recommend.  I’m pretty sure when I asked if I could go to the special private room for some advice she wasn’t expecting me to pull off Bradley and announce I had no hair.  Poor woman.

Anyway, it turns out there are a few things that might help – one being ‘Regaine for Women’.  You just spray it on your head and rub it in (clockwise stimulates hair growth apparently – I did ask if anti clockwise would make it retreat but I think I scared her a little bit more at that point).  You do this twice a day.  Worryingly, you must make sure you wash your hands well afterwards to ensure that you don’t end up with ‘unwanted hair growth’.  That would be just my luck – a bald head and furry hands…

So this morning I sprayed, rubbed and washed my hands like I was about to perform surgery and started work.  And then the smell hit me.  It’s not really strong, it’s just really….there.  And you cannot get away from it.  And it lingers.  For hours.  Which is rather annoying as you have to do it twice a day.

I do see why Norman cat throws himself towards the cat flap as soon as I get the Frontline out now though.  At least he only has to put up with it once every month.  Still, if it works it will be worth it.  And if I end up with furry paws comparable with his, you’ll know why :o)


A happy Norman cat

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2 Responses to The potential of furry paws

  1. Hi, Keep careful track of how ‘normal’ you are feeling using Regain – my brother in law started to worry he was getting a brain tumour as he had headaches and almost anxiety attacks. Obviously it works great for some but just be aware that it’s not so great for others. Am loving your blog – you write so well. Lots of lols :D

    • thepogblog says:

      oooh, thank you for the tip! I wonder if those feelings are a result of the overwhelming pong? I have some special vitamins now so if I start having side effects to the Regaine I’ll just stick with them.
      Thank you for reading – it’s lovely to know people enjoy the blog. x

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