The importance of clear instructions

Sometimes you need to make sure you’re really clear with your instructions.

When I told the postman that he could always leave parcels behind the white board I have on my front door step I never really imagined I’d come home to this:


I assumed he realised I meant ‘if they fit’.  Clearly not.  But never mind, nobody snaffled them thankfully!

And Wednesday night I made a cake for the birthday of some colleagues at work.  This in itself was quite impressive as my baking is rather hit and miss, to put it mildly.  After an incident with the icing sugar and electric mixer I actually had to wash the contents of the fruit bowl and hoover myself down.  However, I was able to send this mail to my back up (in case it all went so wrong that she had to whip something up instead)

mailThen I decorated the cake.  When I got to work the next morning I realised the importance of punctuation.  Rather than saying ‘Love, Us’ it had turned into rather a bossy instruction to ‘LOVE US’.  Still, it was Valentine’s Day, so I guess it was almost ok. :o)


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4 Responses to The importance of clear instructions

  1. As one half of the colleagues that this cake was intended for, I want to say a HUGE thank you! It was extremely yummy and I especially liked the reduced fat cocoa! I have extra appreciation after learning what an ordeal it was to make! Lots of people enjoyed it- your choc spice cake was a hit :) xx

  2. Emma says:

    Looks like a yummy cake – but why didn’t it come out of the silicon mould?? It should just kind of peel out I think. Oh well, a spoonful of cake sounds quite yummy!

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