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Lots of rhubarb and a naughty ghost

Remember, that ghost I mentioned before?  She’s back.  And I don’t think she is keen on my cooking. She’s only done a couple of things recently: She turned on the TV while we were in the kitchen and the remote … Continue reading

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The Secret Baker retires

After a year of baking for the office every month, I’ve now retired as the Secret Baker.  There are a number of reasons for this: My original plan last December was to get people smiling and talking to each other.  I’m sure … Continue reading

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How to make a Secret Baker smile

The loveliest thing happened yesterday.  After traipsing to work with four trays of Sticky Bicky Cake (a delicious gooey refrigerator cake that my best friend’s mum used to make when we were kids), that weighed more than my rucksack (and … Continue reading

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Flapjack Fairies

I did some secret bakering at the weekend.  I actually did some the week before, but in the way that I think is probably unique to me, I managed to screw up all five trays of flapjacks that I made. … Continue reading

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All sanity has left the building

Every day I think “this job can’t get any worse”.  And then it does.  The good news though, is that I am through the ‘crying hysterically about it’ phase, and have moved on to the ‘slightly manically laughing about it’ … Continue reading

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Poorliness and makingness

Some of you will know that my Mum recently had a big operation – hence the lack of blog posts – it’s been a rather busy time.  My whole family are now very smiley that after almost every complication going, … Continue reading

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The importance of clear instructions

Sometimes you need to make sure you’re really clear with your instructions. When I told the postman that he could always leave parcels behind the white board I have on my front door step I never really imagined I’d come … Continue reading

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