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A little Minion army

Last month I posted a picture on Facebook of Little Pea wearing a Minion hat I had crocheted for him: It was less than an hour before someone asked if I could make one for their son and daughter.  It … Continue reading

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Happy 2016!

I just wanted to write a short post to wish you all a very happy 2016 and to thank all of you for following my ramblings for another year.  It makes me very smiley (and still slightly stunned that anyone … Continue reading

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A thank you chicken

When my Sisters and I were little we always wrote thank you cards – we all still do in fact.  Mum trained us well.  She  told us that if we didn’t write thank you’s for presents we were given the … Continue reading

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How to make a Secret Baker smile

The loveliest thing happened yesterday.  After traipsing to work with four trays of Sticky Bicky Cake (a delicious gooey refrigerator cake that my best friend’s mum used to make when we were kids), that weighed more than my rucksack (and … Continue reading

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Thank you balloons

When I was growing up, saying please and thank you was drummed into me.  As an adult, I find it REALLY irritating when people don’t remember their manners – I get very grumpy if people don’t say thank you when … Continue reading

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I DID IT!!!!

This time last year I was sitting here feeling sick, wondering if I should hit the ‘publish’ button.  I was about to tell the world (ok, not the world, but a heap of friends and quite a few people I … Continue reading

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Not selfless but smiley

Is there a truly selfless act?  One that you gain absolutely no benefit from?  Sister 2 and I discussed this in depth a while back and we went through all sorts of scenarios.  In the end we realised that ultimately … Continue reading

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A few Bradley malfunctions

When I wrote my last post I wasn’t sure how it would be taken.  I can’t put into words how lovely the messages I had on here, Facebook, text and e-mail were…thank you so much.  I think one of the … Continue reading

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Ten thousand smiles (ish!)

Ok, numbers aren’t important.  Well, hmmm.  I guess that depends actually… When I started writing this blog I realised quite rapidly that I could track the number of people clicking on it.  ‘It’s not important’ I tell myself on a regular basis, … Continue reading

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A weirdy old week…

Wow, it’s been a weirdy old week. Snow in Bumpkinsville meant that Sister 1 had to extract me in her 4×4 on Sunday so I could get to the station and to Milton Keynes for a training course.  Of course, the trains … Continue reading

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