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Christmas gnoming

I don’t own that many Christmas decorations. When we lived at Pog Towers, Norman and I had a set of glass angels I hung from the window frame (many of which had become flightless over the years due to delicate … Continue reading

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Makingness for Little Wisp

It’s been ages since I actually finished any makingness, but in honour of my second visit to see my beautiful new niece, I managed to finish two things: As Little Wisp seems to like pulling tubes (first she pulled her … Continue reading

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This week in makingness…

(Sorry, these things are all rather random and the day has been too long to wind them together in a better way, so in the style of ‘showing’ / ‘show and tell’ at primary school…) This week I’ve made: …Cherry Pie. … Continue reading

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A smiley long weekend

Lots of things made me smile and in some cases laugh like a loon this weekend.  I can only assume it was hysteria brought on by having three days out of the office (I do love a Bank holiday) and … Continue reading

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A discombobulating start to the week

Monday mornings are never terribly fun times, but when you have a power cut at 5.15am on a Monday morning it tends to completely discombobulate you.  It’s still dark when your bedroom is in the middle of a terraced house … Continue reading

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Random bits and makingness

I was going to tell you my observations on men on the early morning train and the toilet, but 1) I thought better of it 2) I have had the loooongest week and just want to log off and do … Continue reading

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It’s all about the dinosaurs…

…at least, it is when it is your third birthday and you are a Little Pea. The animals may be great, especially when you catch a feeding time at the zoo (literally): But there is nothing like a dinosaur: Or … Continue reading

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