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Sometimes, even when it’s cold and wet you have to trust that going to the beach will still be fun, because you’re with Sister 1 and Little Pea: …even if you did have a tummy ache and Mummy and Auntie … Continue reading

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The excitement of neighbours

Our Towers has been our home for almost a week.  We’re strangely settled (even if it does feel like we are staying in an Air BnB that we’ll have to leave soon).  We’re mostly unpacked (other than the rather large … Continue reading

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Slightly problematic packing

I’m not sure packing should take this long or be this chaotic, but maybe it’s just the Pog factor. Items I’ve realised (so far) are somewhere in this lot: All but two mugs.  We have removal men and deliveries of … Continue reading

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Paintings and plates

I don’t think I’ve ever used this blog to recommend anything or anyone – it doesnt really fit with the aim of spreading smiles, but two people have sent smiles my way recently and I think you might be interested….so, … Continue reading

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Christmas excitement

In a complete departure from every run up to Christmas I’ve had in a long time, this one has been about alot of snowmen and snow ladies: A rather young looking Father Christmas: The making of a hat for Barnaby … Continue reading

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Christmas and coldness and frost bites

I have snow (on the blog.  Not in Beachville.  And actually, the snow is only on some formats – possibly just desktops, but you know.  Snow is snow, and I kind of have some, somewhere).  And that must mean it’s … Continue reading

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Accidental exhibitionism

You know when you decide to go for a run first thing to deliver an important letter by hand because it will get there faster, only it’s dark so you borrow a fluorescent running top from Himself’s drawer? And you … Continue reading

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