A weekend of many boys

The weekend was due to be the weekend of many boys….but snow, freezing rain and multiple accidents on motorways meant I couldn’t get to Little Pea on Friday.  The weather wasn’t going to completely beat us though and I left early on Saturday to get him and bring him back for 24 hours with ‘da boys’ (as he calls The Small-ish people that come and stay every other weekend).  It’s a good job – I’m not sure any of us would have lasted longer than a full day… Also, it turns out we only own 4 forks.  For some reason, I was the one who ate dinner with a knife and very tiny cake fork.  I can confirm you can’t get many peas on a cake fork.  You can’t get much of anything on it, to be honest.

Anyway, Small Boy’s ipad was snaffled almost immediately (Small Boy was incredibly patient):

Little Pea met Bob (named by Small Boy) who accompanied him around the house at all times:

Himself taught all the boys to ‘wiggle their butts at the waves’…

…before running away:

And after much throwing of rocks in the sea, wiggling of butts, filling of boots (sea water and pebbles) and soaking of trousers, we made it to the pier to play the 2p machines and have donuts with a chocolate spread dip, which (no names mentioned) some people got round their mouth, hands, neck and shoulders:

And while Auntie Pog had learned from previous visits to the beach and had gone equipped with spare socks and gloves, drinks and snacks, I hadn’t thought to take wet wipes.  Next time I’ll take a suitcase.

Then it was on with the Marvels onsie, mask and back to the ipad before a film and a very, very late night:

(Sorry Sister 1).

Sunday morning we hurtled back down the motorway in time for a swimming lesson for him and some time with Little Wisp (who apparently isn’t quite old enough for a sleepover) for me.  I also made Little Wisp a Pogimal.  Hers is called Bug:

(This photo was taken when Little Wisp finally stopped crying every time she looked at me.  It’s just as well she didn’t come for a sleepover).

She wasn’t keen on the walking think with Sister 1 and 2 either though (but my golly, isn’t she cute?!)

And meanwhile a very tired Little Pea…well, Little Pea appeared to vajazzle a gingerbread man:

While the grown ups also got a bit silly:

It was lovely to have Little Pea in Beachville and it was great to see the family in Bumpkinsville, but a three day weekend would have been most welcome! :o)

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