Correcting noo noos on IWD

Once every week or so I venture into the office. Despite a (very) early start, the fact that I have to miss my run and having to wear grown up clothes, there’s usually at least one thing that makes it worth it.  Today it was this:

I no longer have my own desk, but I usually hover on a spare desk in a large room with about 10 colleagues.  They’ve all sat together for a long time and the conversations that result are sometimes a little…random.  Today one of the ladies was telling everyone (for some reason I didn’t manage to identify) how her son had just discovered that ‘penis’ was correct term for his willy and at 7, had informed her that he would no longer be using the ‘baby’ word.  She asked her daughter (whose age I didn’t get), if she knew the correct term for her noo noo.  The daughter pointed out that was the correct term.  My colleague told us how she had explained things and then demonstrated with gusto how her daughter had repeated, at ‘shout’ volume ‘VAGINA?!  IT’S CALLED A VAGINA?’

And it was at that point we all remembered there was a colleague in the room on a teleconference with some senior leaders in Sub Saharan Africa.

But it is International Women’s Day, and I guess if there is one day you can get away with interrupting a teleconference by shouting about vaginas, today is probably the day.


rainbows 2

Because there isn’t an appropriate photo for this post…

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