Demolition at Our Towers

Yesterday, we decided it would be nice to have a relaxing Sunday, so we got out out a hammer and a crow bar and I can confirm with authority that you can get from one very rotten shed:

To a not quite flat rotten shed (including himself doing his Mothers Day phone call in the middle, so just me for part of this):

In 28 minutes.

And in another 29 minutes, you can achieve complete flatness:

However, I can also confirm that this much wood takes a long, long time to burn:

And in fact, gets so hot that the concrete base starts to explode.  Still, it gave me hours to get this huge patch of weeds almost presentable (six, if you’re interested):

Note the red bucket of water which was there ‘in case it all goes a bit wrong’.  Exploding concrete apparently doesn’t count.

And gave himself time to sit down with a beer and the paper (until it was dark and raining hard, if you’re interested):

Last night we were both more creaky than people twice our ages.  My fingernails hurt.  My hands hurt to type.  I think we might need to review our definition of a ‘relaxing Sunday’  :o)

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