A ‘relaxing weekend’ Our Towers style

‘Let’s have a relaxing weekend’ we said. ‘We’ll have no small people here, no university, no half marathons….let’s just relax.’  That’s what we said, proving that what we say has no bearing on what we do.

What we did was:

  • Cut down a tree
  • Dug a hole
  • Drove a 100 mile round trip to pick up a rhododendron my parents have been plant sitting for me since I left Pog Towers
  • Had a cuppa with Mum, Dad, Sisters 1 & 2 and cuddles with Little Pea and Little Wisp
  • Got back and planted rhododendron.  Hole too small, made it bigger, hole to big, made it smaller.  Finally got it right
  • Prepared shed area (this is what was left when the shed fire finally went out) for new shed:

  • Found fish.  (No idea):

  • Unpacked brand new pressure washer and washed shed area:

  • And everything else:

  • Himself discovered the depths of my stupidity when ‘everything else’ also included my dirty fingers.  Apparently there is good reason there are warnings not to use the ‘hard setting’ on wood, boots, or near car tyres.  The good news is the swelling has gone down and the feeling is almost back.
  • Added plants and rocks to the pond.  Accidentally evicted 5 frogs
  • Chased 5 frogs around the garden and rehomed in the upgraded pond
  • Covered this up (I know we all have different tastes, but…WHY?!):

  • We couldn’t find the duck tape:

  • Then we couldn’t cook dinner (oops)
  • But it worked:

  • Then we built a shed:

  • And we only had these bits left:

  • Pulled up meters of liner from flower beds
  • Weeded
  • Tipped an entire sack of weeds in my face and down my front while trying to throw it over the fence to the wasteland behind us
  • Tipped an entire sack of weeds including the sack over the fence
  • Discovered that a hoe can be used to retrieve a sack from over the fence – which is a good thing as I’ve never worked out the real use for one…
  • Planted plants in newly unlined and weeded flower bed
  • And a few other bits or organising, tidying, work, study and….falling asleep on the sofa at 8.30pm

Next weekend, …. Actually, I’ll just leave it there for now :o)

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