Some things that made me smile

Yesterday Himself and I finished out Photoshop course.  I still don’t really know how I feel about it (is it a tool to cheat?), but I have learned how to remove a second head from mine:









And it’s not often you get to turn your mum into the sun from the teletubbies:

And the benefits of making your own certificate is that Himself snuck in a smile in the shape of Norman on my shoulder:

And in a separate set of smiles, I forgot to show you the eggs Sister 2 gave me.  They are delicious – laid by her free range chickens – and really don’t need any extra fancy stuff.  Except she thought differently:

This is me and himself:

These are some instructions: 

And this is the one that made me laugh a lot, but might never get eaten…:

thank you Sister 2.  Mostly.:o)

It’s almost Friday.  Hooray!  :o)


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