I’m terrible at writing these things, but love reading about other bloggers so it’s only right I tell you a little about me I suppose. (I wrote this in 2016 – updates for 2021 in italics) Here goes:

  • I’ve been ‘Pog’ to family and friends since I was two years old for reasons that are rather fluffy these days
  • I live in Pog Towers, Bumpkinsville in the Southeast of England (Actually, I moved.  I live in Our Towers in Brighton now)
  • The two men in my life are Norman cat and my gorgeous nephew Little Pea (They still are two of the men in my life, but now I also have Himself, his two boys, Percy, the working cocker and a rather beautiful niece.  We girls are outnumbered!)
  • My goal when I was four was to be a dustman
  • After a number of alternative careers which didn’t include this particular dream, I now work behind a desk in London, failing at being a ‘professional’ (Now I am a full time hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, focussing on being human rather than anything else)
  • I crochet, do yoga  fitball and attempt to run, doing my best not to look like a three legged donkey.  I’m ok at the crochet, but pretty terrible at the rest (I don’t.  I ran a marathon – yes, really! – , knackered my knees and now do circuits classes, pretend to do gym stuff on my own in the garage, and walk Percy. Alot)
  • The bravest thing I’ve ever done is relief work in the Philippines
  • The second bravest thing I have done is to get my scuba diving qualification as I’m pretty scared of water.  I can confirm that a full blown panic attack (including being sick if we’re going to get into the details) is entirely possible 12 meters under water.  I can also confirm that both the above prove that maybe I should think some things through a bit before I commit to them.
  • 2021 – my third bravest thing is to move to a place I knew nobody, leaving my friends and family 100 mile trip away.  It’s not far, but for some it’s too far.  Sometimes it can be lonely.
  • Essentially, I’m a cat lady with a crochet habit who is a bit of a scaredy cat, but loves a challenge and laughing. (Nope, I am a ‘fiancee’ (that is hilarious!), who juggles a grumpy old puss cat, a nutty puppy, Himself, my family and his family, who still occasionally crochets, gardens badly and now cooks and bakes.  In vast quantities. )

Things just happen to me and I write about them on this blog because they seem to make people smile.  And sometimes they make me smile too.  Sometimes :o)

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2016 me

2021 me