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The clumsy gene

When someone you care about is having a hard time, you do what you can to help, don’t you?  It’s been tricky helping out my Sisters now I’m not round the corner from them and I did wish I could … Continue reading

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A Pog diet

In the ongoing saga to work out the cause of the pain in my face and having completely stumped the dentist, yesterday I went to Guys Hospital to see the surgeon who had done the second wisdom tooth extraction (the … Continue reading

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Pog and Norman similarities

You know that theory that over time dogs and their owners look more and more alike?  It’s not the case with cats, is it?  They are such independent creatures I don’t think they would allow it.  Norman has developed his … Continue reading

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The unfatness plan revisited

Since I’ve been writing this blog, the unfatness plan has been through many iterations. I’ve been heavily involved in cycling (until that incident involving a lorry, which ended up with me being checked out at the vets), I had a … Continue reading

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Loss of dignity, and the ability to type

I wasn’t going to write this post as I thought I’d lose some dignity.  But then I realised after this week I have pretty much no dignity left and I couldn’t explain the couple of giggles I had without telling … Continue reading

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I just got back from the dentist.  Again.  We’re still correcting the bad work of old dentist here with weekly appointments.  I’d kind of hoped that the dentist was exaggerating a few weeks back when she said she might not be … Continue reading

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