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Bumpkinsville in pictures

It’s that time of year where people are posting pictures of their holidays. I love seeing far away places, but actually, it’s the ones closer to home that I love the most…possibly because those places seem more attainable. As I … Continue reading

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it’s all about the speed…

Technology is not my friend, but today it made me laugh a lot. I’m still working hard at the unfatness plan. I will never be particularly good, but I do get some weird sense of achievement at sweating my way … Continue reading

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Blue skies and furniture

This weekend was mostly about blue skies and furniture. On Saturday I spent eight hours transforming this: Into this: It’s not perfect, but I rather like it :o) And today, with the really blue skies here for once (I took … Continue reading

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A slightly more accurate portrayal of my holiday

So yesterday I told you about my holiday.  Lots of people were kind enough to read my ramblings and quite a few were very lovely and chose to follow my blog as a result.  I had some comments on Facebook too…and then … Continue reading

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The unfatness plan revisited

Since I’ve been writing this blog, the unfatness plan has been through many iterations. I’ve been heavily involved in cycling (until that incident involving a lorry, which ended up with me being checked out at the vets), I had a … Continue reading

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Naked head cycling and a spot of trend setting

For about an hour today, I felt really smug.  I worked from home, it was a gorgeous day and I had enough time to take a lunch break for the first time in I don’t remember how long.  So, after … Continue reading

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Distraction techniques

Nobody likes a wallow-er (the possible exception being pigs wallowing in mud – that’s an acceptable form of wallowing).  By last Friday I felt the need to wallow, but it seemed completely pointless.  So I gave myself a couple of … Continue reading

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