Naked head cycling and a spot of trend setting

For about an hour today, I felt really smug.  I worked from home, it was a gorgeous day and I had enough time to take a lunch break for the first time in I don’t remember how long.  So, after months, I finally got on my bike and did a breaking-myself-back-in short 5 mile ride.  It was lov-er-ly :o)   I only felt smug for a short while though as, after congratulating myself for doing exercise and possibly kicking off an unfatness plan, I managed to inhale a bag of gummy bears without even noticing.  Hey ho, baby steps and all that!

There was also the hat trauma yesterday.  When the sun came out while I was in the office, I vowed I’d get on my bike today if it was as nice.  Now, I’ve not cycled with a baldy head before and thought it had the potential to be a bit breezy, so on the way home I rushed to the bike shop to grab a skull cap type thing to go under my helmet.  I realised as I looked at them though, that I had to try them on to make sure they fitted.  It was ok – the shop was quiet and I managed to whip off Bradley, work out which hat I needed and pop Bradley back into place without anyone being any the wiser.  Or so I thought.  I ran to the tube, got to the mainline station and decided just to check all was as I thought in the toilet mirrors (when you wear a wig, you seem to spend rather a lot of time locating mirrors – just in case).  It turns out that I’m still not great at speedy Bradley replacement.  Not only was he at a slightly wonky angle, but somehow I’d managed to fold some of the hair into the wig, giving the impression that I had loops growing directly out of my scalp.  Still, you never know, there may have been some jealous people out there…and almost all of them would be unable to achieve that look themselves.  So really, I have just established a very unique trend (please, just let me believe that to get over the embarrassment!)  :o)

Spring sprung!

Spring sprung! (My favourite smelling flower in my garden)

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