The (almost) secret baker

OK, this is another post that I was going to ‘save’ but I want to share the fun of it with you now :o)

Most work places can sometimes be boring, stressful places.  Don’t get me wrong – I have great colleagues who I love spending time with, but it’s always possible to make things a little better for everyone.  In January my office seemed to have a real case of the January blues and I started wondering what I could do to perk things up a little on the quiet.

One thing I am truly bad at is cooking, so I decided to improve myself while I did my perking.  I appointed myself the secret baker for my floor with the aim of taking something in each month that I’d made.  I’m usually the first person in, so it wouldn’t be difficult to keep my identity secret as I just had to get a tin of things to the kitchen and disappear.

I missed January but in February I made industrial quantities of sticky bicky cake.  By 10am it was all gone and I heard a few people mention it.

cake 3

This week, I made sticky ginger cake with ginger fudge icing.  There wasn’t so much (mainly because it turned out to be rather difficult to cut without crumbling so unfortunately I had to eat quite a lot myself – tee hee) .

cake 4

I had an early meeting and when I got back, two of the girls I sit with told me I should go and take a look in kitchen (they had both worked out I was the cake provider about 10 minutes after they discovered February’s efforts).  The reaction had been brilliant!

cake 2


I think there is only one person from my office who reads this blog (and she is one of the two girls mentioned above), but if you’re also based where I am, please don’t let on that it’s me.  It does seem to perk people up a bit – even if it is just because of the sugar rush first thing in the morning –  and I’d like to try to get through the year, taking something in every month, without anyone else guessing that it’s me.  I’ll let you know how it goes of course. :o)

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7 Responses to The (almost) secret baker

  1. The cute smiley was the give away :o) You are a pleasure to work with, and it’s lovely to see your sunshine effect spreading to the rest of our floor. Such a sweet&simple idea- your secret is safe with me :)

  2. Bec says:

    You’re simply beautiful. x

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