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No trainers needed – part 2

We’ve discussed before that a lot of the enjoyment I get from running is in the finishing.  Actually, most of it is.  Which means that I frequently have arguments with myself when I lie in bed – especially now it’s … Continue reading

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The recognised link between cake and running

Himeslf is a runner.  I am a lolloper.  Before I moved to Beachville we talked about –  once he was all London marathoned out – getting me to a level where I could attempt a half marathon. Weeellllll…talking and doing … Continue reading

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The importance of cake and some alternative makingness

Between breaking and fixing my toilet and having cameras inserted places I’d rather they haven’t been, I’ve got a bit of makingness done too.  I’ve finished crocheting two Christmas presents (and am now trying to design a pattern for a … Continue reading

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Advice to make your tummy smile

I think word has got around the office that my workload may have got a bit silly utterly ridiculous.  People keep offering me advice.  I know it is well intentioned but honestly, it’s not really all that helpful.  For example, … Continue reading

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Another Secret Baker update – some smiles and some grumps

My September Secret Bakering wasn’t terribly successful.  I made Dorset Apple Cake – mainly because it needed a lot of eggs and I seemed to have a ridiculous number in my fridge for absolutely no good reason (25 to be … Continue reading

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A week of discoveries

It’s been a long week. Again.  My laptop helpfully confirmed this today when it showed me a document it had recovered after it went into melt down on Tuesday.  I could have sworn I only created this document on Monday, … Continue reading

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The (almost) secret baker

OK, this is another post that I was going to ‘save’ but I want to share the fun of it with you now :o) Most work places can sometimes be boring, stressful places.  Don’t get me wrong – I have … Continue reading

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The importance of clear instructions

Sometimes you need to make sure you’re really clear with your instructions. When I told the postman that he could always leave parcels behind the white board I have on my front door step I never really imagined I’d come … Continue reading

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