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Pond overhauls and rabbits of doom

For those of you interested in the things we’re doing to Our Towers, Saturday morning it was about the pond.  And Rabbits.  Rabbits of Doom…. But first the pond.  We went from this: To this: Via this: (Which was very … Continue reading

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Weekend observations

When you finally have a weekend day that’s not soggy or freezing and you’ve wanted to get in the garden since you’ve moved in, much can be accomplished in little time…to start with. Removal of two trees?: 30 minutes each … Continue reading

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Transferable smiles (possibly)

I like taking photographs of things that make me smile. I like being able to look through them at times when dragging a smile requires a bit of help, or when the world has gone a bit bonkers or just … Continue reading

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A chaotic 44 minutes

I nearly had another fireman story for you tonight.  Nearly, but not quite. I can explain by telling you what happened between 1.56pm and 2.40pm. 1.56pm – realise I am hosting a teleconference at 2pm and had better log on … Continue reading

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The importance of cake and some alternative makingness

Between breaking and fixing my toilet and having cameras inserted places I’d rather they haven’t been, I’ve got a bit of makingness done too.  I’ve finished crocheting two Christmas presents (and am now trying to design a pattern for a … Continue reading

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Round and round in circles

Things keep going around in all different sorts of circles at the moment.  Earlier this week I blogged about post it notes, the next day Facebook reminded me that exactly a year before I’d blogged about…post it notes (I’m thinking … Continue reading

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Training the neighbours…

My neighbours can be a bit of a challenge.  No, that is work language (see how they have trained me?!).  My neighbours are a nightmare.  And the problem is, I’m slightly scared of them and their very large extended family … Continue reading

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