a different view

There is much muchness going on and I’m behind with all the blog based thoughts in my head as well as heaps of other things.  But this morning before work it was cold, but not torrential rain for a change, so I made the most of it.  I ignored the treadmill and went into the big outside to get some perspective by standing on top of the world:

To the right:

To the left (Can you see the sea?):

Ok, not quite the top of the world, but I find my view of things sometimes changes depending on where I stand, literally as well as metaphorically.  And it reminded me to think of recent loveliness rather than current grrrr-ness.  So here we have…

Cuddles with Norman:

My first serious vegetable growing efforts:

Some dancing men of fire:

An amusing (to me, anyway) step mum moment:

‘Pog, why have you put kitchen roll on our heads?’

‘Because you’re eating Mexican.  It’s what all the Mexicans do.’

‘Oh.  Ok.’


And Himself, dressed as Woody, pictured riding his horse around Our Towers.  He went away on a rugby tour with many other Toy Story characters, but this was before any alcohol was involved…

If there is much muchness going on with you too, try it.  Go to the top of your world, and deeply breathe the muchness out and the smiles back in.  You might find it helps :o)

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