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Pond overhauls and rabbits of doom

For those of you interested in the things we’re doing to Our Towers, Saturday morning it was about the pond.  And Rabbits.  Rabbits of Doom…. But first the pond.  We went from this: To this: Via this: (Which was very … Continue reading

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Weekend observations

When you finally have a weekend day that’s not soggy or freezing and you’ve wanted to get in the garden since you’ve moved in, much can be accomplished in little time…to start with. Removal of two trees?: 30 minutes each … Continue reading

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Training the neighbours…

My neighbours can be a bit of a challenge.  No, that is work language (see how they have trained me?!).  My neighbours are a nightmare.  And the problem is, I’m slightly scared of them and their very large extended family … Continue reading

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The death of coolness

It’s been dawning on me a while. It started with finding Radio Four interesting to listen to and learn from, rather than being boring due to lack of music. And finding listening to it, coupled with a spot of crochet, … Continue reading

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A week off work Pog style

I am really rubbish when it comes to taking time off work (unless it involves lying in the sun somewhere warm, when I am very good at it).  I intended to spend the last week lounging around on the sofa … Continue reading

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Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to work I go…

Oh humpharama, tomorrow I am back to work after 11 days of lazing around doing nothing.  Actually, I’ve done a few things.  I’ve: Made 48 lavender bags (not advisable when sitting on the sofa with a sleepy head on) Played … Continue reading

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