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Not taking the biscuit. Or the cupcake. (Surprisingly)

A few weeks ago I met Maureen and Margaret over the garden fence.  They invited me to the Macmillan coffee morning they were planning at the supported living residence up the road.  That day was today. Not being one to … Continue reading

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Meeting the neighbours

I’ve always found it a bit tricky to meet new people.  I’ve often thought that it would be easier if I had children as there are more opportunities and an obvious common ground.  In fact, since moving to Beachville, I’ve … Continue reading

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A chaotic 44 minutes

I nearly had another fireman story for you tonight.  Nearly, but not quite. I can explain by telling you what happened between 1.56pm and 2.40pm. 1.56pm – realise I am hosting a teleconference at 2pm and had better log on … Continue reading

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Neighbours and pants

I love Pog Towers – it’s just the right size for me and Norman Cat.  We just aren’t too keen on the neighbours. We have quite bad neighbour issues on one side of noise, children picking my flowers, their rubbish in my garden…  I could … Continue reading

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Training the neighbours…

My neighbours can be a bit of a challenge.  No, that is work language (see how they have trained me?!).  My neighbours are a nightmare.  And the problem is, I’m slightly scared of them and their very large extended family … Continue reading

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Not so boring Bumpkinsville

On Wednesday I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.  It was turning into a long week, and after the loveliness of seeing people on Monday things were getting a bit lonely and uneventful at Pog Towers.  (That is, other … Continue reading

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Sleepy issues…

Last night I couldn’t sleep.  It became one of those nights that I became so frustrated that I couldn’t sleep that there was no way I was going to.  So instead I lay there and tried to work out what … Continue reading

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