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Holiday planning

OK, so I might be Mrs R now <eeek!>, but rather than marrying into the sensibleness and grown up-ness I thought I had, it seems I might have just dragged Himself deeper into the world of Pog. Let me tell … Continue reading

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Feeling (very, very) guilty

So, having Covid is a bit rubbish. Managing to possibly give it to both your parents doesn’t come close.  I mean, we don’t 100% know that it was down to me, but I looked after Mum on the Monday – … Continue reading

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That flowery time of year

When I was born, Mum and Dad bought a pink rhododendron. It’s moved house a few times with them and I think it was only when Mum and Dad moved to where they are now that it made it out … Continue reading

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Fun and games with Pop up Sue

I started writing this sitting at the back of a village hall watching twenty older people taking parts in an Age Uk strength and mobility class.  That particular class was focussed on strength and coordination; watching Mum was like watching … Continue reading

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40 years ago…

…I was sitting  – age five, nearly six – in a school music lesson when I saw my Dad run up the school drive.  I must have caught his attention somehow and he burst into the lesson to tell me … Continue reading

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Historic wormholes

As you probably know, it was Valentine’s day on Monday.  If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll probably understand the level of excitement I felt realising that the next one I will be a married lady!  Me, the one … Continue reading

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Well, good morning Mr Blackbird!

‘Why are you out here gardening on your own, Mum?’ ‘I thought I’d get started.  I’ve only fallen over once.’ It’s a freezing cold morning, full of grey dampness. Mum already has dirty trousers from falling over, and looks like … Continue reading

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I only just came back and I already fell out of the habit! So here is a quick one: Last week mum and I want to exchange a pair of her trousers.  This was quite an event as we threw … Continue reading

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Being a teddy bear

I remember a friend telling me about teddy bear syndrome years ago. It’s what happens when someone hurts and they take it out on those closest to them. (Their teddy. Because a teddy forgives anything, doesn’t it?) Two weeks ago … Continue reading

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Laughing through numbers and names

Today was a good day. Today there were only a few tears and then so much laughing I left Mum and Dad’s house wheezing… Because today an Occupational Therapist visited to help Mum bake a cake.  Mum told me last … Continue reading

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