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Makingness for Little Wisp

It’s been ages since I actually finished any makingness, but in honour of my second visit to see my beautiful new niece, I managed to finish two things: As Little Wisp seems to like pulling tubes (first she pulled her … Continue reading

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An open letter to thermostat person

Dear person in charge of the UK thermostat, Are you having a laugh?  It is the end of April and it might as well be February.  Us British already talk too much about the weather – I’m crocheting a temperature … Continue reading

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Hippie Pog?

I don’t know quite when it happened, or why it happened, but according to someone at work*, I have turned into a hippie.  The way she says it, it’s interchangeable with ‘laughing stock’, but I’m kind of ok with it, … Continue reading

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A little Minion army

Last month I posted a picture on Facebook of Little Pea wearing a Minion hat I had crocheted for him: It was less than an hour before someone asked if I could make one for their son and daughter.  It … Continue reading

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Dragons and uneven stripes

When I crochet I like things to be symetrical.  This doesn’t aways work, especialy if I’m making up the pattern but the intention at least, is that things should match.  At the end of last year Sister 2 saw this on … Continue reading

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Christmas: done

So Christmas is over and the next focus is the New Year. Before we get to that though, I just wanted to pop a few Christmassy things on here before it is completely and utterly gone. I couldn’t put it … Continue reading

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Photos of different shapes sizes and topics :o)

I’ve done that thing again where I’ve taken photos with the intention of writing a blog post and never actually got round to the writing.  So they don’t go completely to waste, here we have: A terrifying insight into the … Continue reading

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