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How old?

I went to see Mum and Dad today. I took Mum to the garden centre and on the way – I don’t remember why – she asked how old she is.  I am utterly rubbish when it comes to peoples … Continue reading

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Fun and games with Pop up Sue

I started writing this sitting at the back of a village hall watching twenty older people taking parts in an Age Uk strength and mobility class.  That particular class was focussed on strength and coordination; watching Mum was like watching … Continue reading

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Laughing through numbers and names

Today was a good day. Today there were only a few tears and then so much laughing I left Mum and Dad’s house wheezing… Because today an Occupational Therapist visited to help Mum bake a cake.  Mum told me last … Continue reading

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Losing words. And sometimes a little bit of my mind.

Tuesday is the day I go and help out Mum.  She had a stroke in May and it left her with slight wonky-ness – in her body, her thinking and especially in her words. Conversations with Mum can vary wildly, … Continue reading

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Just when you thought….

….the 40th celebrations were all over, it turns out you can be instructed to appear at your parents house, having made ‘a bit of an effort’, be met on the main road by a shepherd/ Jesus / who knows (Dad … Continue reading

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Birthdays, parties and an utter failure of a cake

This time of year is full of Birthdays – full I tell you!  In the last week it has been Sister 1 and 2’s: Probably the least said, the better. Gorgeous Godson’s: It was all a bit too exciting for … Continue reading

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A gentle walk

Today Mum and I went on a gentle walk. Mum was sure she knew where she was going…she demostrated this by telling me to turn right while holding her left arm out. I should have known it wasn’t going to … Continue reading

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Why I shouldn’t attempt to draw

I have always been bad at drawing.  I mean, really bad.  When I was at school, my highest grade for Art was a C.  My picture was so bad that my teacher re-drew it for me and I just had … Continue reading

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A quick catch up

I’ve not written a blog post for ages and I promised a friend some Bumpkinsville pictures but I thought I’d tell you what’s happened in my little break first. Last week I had a week off work.  Recently, I finally got … Continue reading

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Bumpkinsville based

This weekend was a real Bumpkinsville one. First Little Pea came to play.  He bought me some GORGEOUS chocolates:  And then did a spot of Auntie Pog climbing: Then we went to see the ducks (who were hiding): And the … Continue reading

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