Just when you thought….

….the 40th celebrations were all over, it turns out you can be instructed to appear at your parents house, having made ‘a bit of an effort’, be met on the main road by a shepherd/ Jesus / who knows (Dad with a tea towel on his head, in a dress thing wearing a fake beard…apparently some people stopped to take pictures) and discover that the people most important to you are all in one room, waiting to sing happy birthday to you.

Several different worlds collided as people who I have known for years met each other for the first time.  It was brilliant and surreal.

My Mum and three of her oldest friends(going back to her late teens), who by default have known me all my life, bless them.

My Mum and three of her oldest friends(going back to her late teens), who by default have known me all my life, bless them.


Two of my nearly neighbours (and very, very good friends) and an other half, who were tracked down using one forwarded email I sent months ago (sorry, but one day you were going to end up on the blog!)

Special amazement goes to Mum, Dad and my sisters for cooking up a storm of deliciousness.  The rock salt biscuits really were a particularly special treat….

Biscuits and some prose co I was sent home with for my tea :o)

Biscuits and some proseco I was sent home with for my tea :o)

And also to Lovely Friend and her husband who did her 40th birthday in style last night and when I left their house at 2am this morning I wondered if they would ever recover.  Not only did they manage to keep quiet about the fact that I would be seeing them today, but they got upright AND got there looking really rather sparkly! I am officially in awe of you both.

Lovely friend, Gorgeous Godson and Little Pea.

Lovely friend, Gorgeous Godson and Little Pea.

But it wouldn’t be a party without a bathroom incident and after everyone had left and cake had been eaten under the table


We realised Little Pea has locked himself in the toilet. The key must have been half turned as we couldn’t push it out from the outside and Little Pea was clearly trying to turn it with all his might but nothing was happening. Sister 2 stood and laughed, Sister 1 and I wondered if she could squeeze through the teeny tiny window. We gave the key turning one last go before trying to find a ladder. ‘Turn it the other way’ we suggested. ‘Oh, ok’ said Little Pea cheerfully as the lock clicked and he walked out quite happily…. :o)

It’s been an eventful week….  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of it, making turning 40 less scary :o)

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4 Responses to Just when you thought….

  1. notewords says:

    My son locked himself in the bathroom – we had to take to door off it’s hinges. (The lock broke, so it wasn’t really his fault…) ;-)

  2. You didn’t mention the broken radiator. Oh, we didn’t discover that until Monday morning when it didn’t work! But a grand celebration! And it was good to meet new folk. 😀😃😄

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