A little Minion army

Last month I posted a picture on Facebook of Little Pea wearing a Minion hat I had crocheted for him:

minion 6

It was less than an hour before someone asked if I could make one for their son and daughter.  It seemed like a good idea to raise some pennies for charity so I agreed.  I slightly altered a pattern from the very talented Repeat Crafter Me (although sadly the pattern seems to have disappeared for the moment) and, even though I never actually announced I was doing this, a few more people asked for a hat or two…

I now have a Minion army stretching from the UK as far as Australia and the Philippines including these lovely Little People (I have permission to use all of the following pictures):

minion 5 minion 4 minion 3 minion 2

minion 1

How cool is that? And it’s raised £125 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

That’s quite a lot of smiley faces :o)

Thank you very much to the Mum’s, Dad’s and Aunties who donated.  I hope your Little Minions have warm, happy heads :o)

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4 Responses to A little Minion army

  1. notewords says:

    So cool! And they look wonderful. Spreading smiles around the world. ;-)

  2. Well done Pog! That’s quite a sum to raise – I’m sure the charity will find it very useful.😀😼🌼

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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