A grown up Pog?

Last week a colleague told me that reaching your 40s means you no longer have an excuse not to be a grown up, that everything starts to become more settled and sensible. I can’t think of anything worse, so even though I have reached that slightly scary age now, I fully intend to remain Pog like, despite the raised eyebrows of people who think I should know better :o)

I have had a lovely week off and can now confirm that:

  • I have the coolest nephew when it comes to watching films while others have brunch:


  • When you are wearing an ‘I am 40’ badge (thank you for that, Lovely Friend) you get given free cake :o)
  • Norman is still afraid of balloons. I have had to pop it in the bathroom so he can’t see it….


  • Norman can make it look like he is not about to interrupt the take out curry Sister 2 and her boyfriend have brought over, but actually he is just steadying himself behind the curtains to launch a full on attack on the middle of the dinner table (tikka and korma can spread quite far, it turns out).
  • A spiralizer (yes, I am way behind) can make delicious courgetti, but it also results in this:


  • I finally finished my most difficult upholstery project yet. And (even if I do say so myself) it is the most comfortable chair in Pog Towers!


  • It is possible (but not surprising given the fact that the last week has mostly focussed around eating) to put on 1/4 stone in a week. Next week I will attempt to just eat at meal times rather than only stopping the grazing to eat a full meal. Oops.
  • Little people give the best birthday cards.  Little Pea chose this one for me:


While Gorgeous Godson drew me….compete with wrinkles and walking stick:


And and his big brother, apparently unprompted, made his feelings on my age very clear…!

It has been a great week.  And there is still a weekend before I go back to work! I could get used to this :o)

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7 Responses to A grown up Pog?

  1. notewords says:

    Sounds like you had a great birthday. Don’t let them tell you anything daft about numbers…
    All the best! ;-)

  2. Penni says:

    Happy 40th. I will be 50 this year and I still haven’t grown up 😄 !! xx

  3. You are as old as you feel (which can vary day to day) but best just to ignore numbers! You had such a busy week you will need another holiday!😀 🌻🍩

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