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Cooking with Mummy W part 2

My mum make the best lasagne.  I mean The. Best. Capital letters and everything. So it was second on the list of things she taught me when I was living there.  It was second mostly because of the cheese sauce.  … Continue reading

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Pog Berry returns

OK, it’s getting slightly out of hand now.  I’ve moved on from toast in a big way and made another two meals.  One involved cheese sauce.  And I mean real cheese sauce that involves flour and whisking and things – not … Continue reading

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I made food!

Tonight I made something that wasn’t toast! I roasted tomatoes – from my garden, with feta and rosemary – from my garden (not the feta, obviously) and had that with lettuce – from my garden and a jacket potato: It … Continue reading

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Hippie Pog?

I don’t know quite when it happened, or why it happened, but according to someone at work*, I have turned into a hippie.  The way she says it, it’s interchangeable with ‘laughing stock’, but I’m kind of ok with it, … Continue reading

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A grown up Pog?

Last week a colleague told me that reaching your 40s means you no longer have an excuse not to be a grown up, that everything starts to become more settled and sensible. I can’t think of anything worse, so even though … Continue reading

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A long weekend away!

I think that when I told people who don’t know me very well that I was going to Barcelona for a long weekend with my Mum and Sisters, that they may have imagined a few days of culture and learning. … Continue reading

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Pog Tips on: Food – part 2

I really like trying fruit I’ve never seen, and there was LOADS I’d not seen before in the Philippines.  There were also quite a few other things… (Note:  The last picture is a bit icky – and it’s the only … Continue reading

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