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Mama Pat

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I got to do something amazing because of one lady and her family, but mostly because  her Mum said ‘yes’. It was actually 2014, so not that long ago, although I think it … Continue reading

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There’s one over there >>>>

For those of you that don’t know, last year I went to Tacloban to do some relief work in the wake of Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan.  It wasn’t an organised thing.  A colleague in the US had family there, we … Continue reading

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It’s raining chaos

I go on holiday on Friday.  I’m usually really organised about this sort of thing, but something has gone wrong this year and I’ve left everything right to the very last minute.  This is resulting in a lot of ‘oops … Continue reading

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Pog tips on: First Aid

Before I left for Tacloban I was immunised against pretty much everything, plus a couple more just for good measure.  I had almost 20 injections. I packed a first aid kit that made it look like I’d looted a pharmacist.  … Continue reading

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Pog Tips on: language

I have no idea how I managed to come to the conclusion, but right up until the day I left for Tacloban, I thought that the vast majority of people I met wouldn’t speak a word of English.  I asked … Continue reading

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Pog Tips on: Food – part 2

I really like trying fruit I’ve never seen, and there was LOADS I’d not seen before in the Philippines.  There were also quite a few other things… (Note:  The last picture is a bit icky – and it’s the only … Continue reading

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Life, the universe and everything.

In case you didn’t know, after months of fundraising, researching, planning and a not insignificant  amount of panicking, last Wednesday I returned from 12 days of relief work in Tacloban, the Philippines. The day before I left Tacloban, a good … Continue reading

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