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There’s one over there >>>>

For those of you that don’t know, last year I went to Tacloban to do some relief work in the wake of Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan.  It wasn’t an organised thing.  A colleague in the US had family there, we … Continue reading

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A not entirely relaxing massage

Six days ago I arrived in Tacloban. It was a chaotic but brilliant few days, revisiting some of the people we worked with last year and being at Mama Pat’s 80th birthday. (Mama Pat was woken at midnight for her … Continue reading

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Pog Tips on: Food – part 2

I really like trying fruit I’ve never seen, and there was LOADS I’d not seen before in the Philippines.  There were also quite a few other things… (Note:  The last picture is a bit icky – and it’s the only … Continue reading

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Pog tips on: Food – part 1

When I went to Tacloban I decided that I would try to say yes to every new experience offered, including the food.  That’s quite a big thing for me.  I stuck to my decision quite well – there was only … Continue reading

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Bye bye for now!

You could call me a creature of habit. I always catch the same train to work, get on at the same carriage and sit in the same seat. I always do my shopping on a Thursday night and always have … Continue reading

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