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Pog Tips on: language

I have no idea how I managed to come to the conclusion, but right up until the day I left for Tacloban, I thought that the vast majority of people I met wouldn’t speak a word of English.  I asked … Continue reading

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Pog Tips on: Food – part 2

I really like trying fruit I’ve never seen, and there was LOADS I’d not seen before in the Philippines.  There were also quite a few other things… (Note:  The last picture is a bit icky – and it’s the only … Continue reading

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Pog tips on: Food – part 1

When I went to Tacloban I decided that I would try to say yes to every new experience offered, including the food.  That’s quite a big thing for me.  I stuck to my decision quite well – there was only … Continue reading

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Pog tips on: Travelling

As I am being sensible on the Helping Hands for Tacloban blog, I’m back to my usual more me approach to things here.  A friend suggested this split in blogs as ‘nobody will give you donations if they see how daft you are.’  At … Continue reading

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Telephone tips

I’ve had two telephone calls recently where I learned a few tips.  I thought you might like to see if they would help you (possibly not, if you’re already a sensible grown up sort of a person). Tip 1:  Be … Continue reading

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Raspberry Vinegar – a recipe and a few Pog tips

Last year my aunt made me a bottle of the most amazing raspberry vinegar.  I managed to eek it out until a few weeks ago…and then discovered that you can’t buy the stuff – at least not in any of … Continue reading

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