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Mama Pat

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I got to do something amazing because of one lady and her family, but mostly because  her Mum said ‘yes’. It was actually 2014, so not that long ago, although I think it … Continue reading

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No trainers needed – Ithaca edition

I’m back from a week (mostly) in the sun.   Time away from the laptop with family and Himself on the tiny Greek island that I love was fantabulous.  Despite having been there quite a few times, I got to … Continue reading

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Smiley signs

As well as quietness and  loveliness, Ibiza does signs that made us smile lots.  It seemed wrong not to share these, so here you go: At this beach, only red trunks or teeny tiny bikinis are allowed: And definitely no … Continue reading

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Idyllic Ibiza. Mostly without, you know: people.

A quiet holiday with no Pog moments is what I desperately wanted this year after the mishaps of the last few.  Especially as I quite liked the idea of Himself thinking I am a grown up, just occasionally, and this … Continue reading

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When you…

…have started muttering ‘people are f*cking stupid’ under your breath more than a few times a day (and sometimes a little louder than at muttering level) …have finally got around to filing those 1K plus emails in your inbox and … Continue reading

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A long weekend away!

I think that when I told people who don’t know me very well that I was going to Barcelona for a long weekend with my Mum and Sisters, that they may have imagined a few days of culture and learning. … Continue reading

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An open letter to the woman incapable of dressing appropriately on a train

I’m turning into a grumpy old lady, but I need to rant again.  There are often people on the train who get on wrapped up ready for the Arctic, don’t think to take off their coat and instead open all … Continue reading

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An open letter to Sniffy Woman

This post may be a little unkind.  But being British, the most I actually do each morning is tut under my breath in a disapproving way while desperately hoping that the lady concerned doesn’t actually hear.  And I need to get this out of … Continue reading

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Pog tips on: First Aid

Before I left for Tacloban I was immunised against pretty much everything, plus a couple more just for good measure.  I had almost 20 injections. I packed a first aid kit that made it look like I’d looted a pharmacist.  … Continue reading

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Pog tips on: Toilets

I lost my dignity on this blog a long while back, so I will now continue with that to tell you about my experience with toilets while I was away. I became slightly obsessed with the whole toilet issue when … Continue reading

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