No trainers needed – Ithaca edition

I’m back from a week (mostly) in the sun.   Time away from the laptop with family and Himself on the tiny Greek island that I love was fantabulous.  Despite having been there quite a few times, I got to see things I hadn’t before, courtesy of my trainers and a few pep talks with myself first thing that I was ‘just going for a walk to take a few photos…in my trainers’.  So like that other post, take a run around Ithaca with me (no trainers needed):

My trainers breathing in the sea air:

Sunrise from Frikes:

In an empty house, smelling of donkey, and a trunk containing two jumpers.  Obviously:

The goats didn’t get it:

(A different) Dawn from Stavros

This was in the middle of nowhere.  Literally.  I was lost on a path with no people, no houses, just olive trees.  And this chair:

Because doors in Greece are so much more attractive than anywhere else:

The view to ‘our’ beach.  The teeny tiny black dots half way along the sand are Sister 2, her partner and Little Wisp, out for a morning stroll :o)  To start any run, I had to go up.  And up.  And up…

A slightly more dramatic drop from the road than I’m used to:

Proof I really did go:

See previous comment about doors :o)

Thank you to Mum and Dad for making this holiday possible, to Sister 1 and 2, for being you, to Little Wisp for the cuddles (and actually not being sick on me the whole week!) and to Sister 1’s partner and my Himself for surviving a whole week with our family, bringing a bit of calm when needed and coping admirably with conversations that resulted in the ‘Did I just cross a line there?’ question…. You’re all shiny stars :o)


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