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No trainers needed – Ithaca edition

I’m back from a week (mostly) in the sun.   Time away from the laptop with family and Himself on the tiny Greek island that I love was fantabulous.  Despite having been there quite a few times, I got to … Continue reading

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This is the way we do holidays

I am on holiday with my family in Ithaca – a teeny Greek island. It’s beautiful. Despite weather forecasts predicting thunder storms, the weather is beautiful too. For some, this would mean a holiday involving mostly this: This: And this: … Continue reading

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Greek animals great and small

This time last week I was in Ithaca.  My body is back in the UK – I know this because of things like the sudden drop in temperature and the number of e-mails I’ve got through this week.  My head … Continue reading

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A deserted Greek house

I’m not keen on walking but I do love it when, like today, I find a deserted house. This is the ghird year I’ve found one, making us think that when people die here, their houses are left intact and … Continue reading

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Holiday daftness

Tonight as we walked to the local taverna, I said I’d buy and write some postcards after dinner. ‘Don’t buy any stamps’ dad said ‘I have three with me.’ Last year I bought postcards, added stamps and before I wrote … Continue reading

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Adventures at sea

Last year, despite being a sea sick sort of person who couldn’t snorkle because I don’t like getting my face wet and don’t like sea water drying on me, I went on an all eay snorkelling trip. This year, despite … Continue reading

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It’s not all relaxing…

…ok, it is really. But I’ve not forgotten the owls and today was owl marathon day. I started on the beach, receiving odd looks from two elderly ladies taking their morning dip when I pulled out my wool and crochet … Continue reading

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A gentle walk

Today Mum and I went on a gentle walk. Mum was sure she knew where she was going…she demostrated this by telling me to turn right while holding her left arm out. I should have known it wasn’t going to … Continue reading

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Ithaca – Rachi

Today we walked to my most favourite place on Ithaca…a teeny tiny place called Rachi, where all there is to do is stop at the mini market that the locals use as a bar, and sit outside listening to the … Continue reading

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Ithaca, here I come!

I started my day in the office with my fingers in the beard of a man I’ve met once before, trying to establish if there was enough growth to house a shrew. I finished the day removing clothes from my … Continue reading

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