This is the way we do holidays

I am on holiday with my family in Ithaca – a teeny Greek island. It’s beautiful. Despite weather forecasts predicting thunder storms, the weather is beautiful too. For some, this would mean a holiday involving mostly this:



And this:


But today was more of the sort of thing my family do…

We drove up a mountain to a deserted monastery:


And found an old Greek lady who bought us Turkish delight…:


We discovered regal cows:


And tree climbing goats:


Then, I left the family to their ouzo in an empty shop / cafe (with just a stuffed vulture, live parrot and three locals and a set of worry beads) and went for a wander round the village. I thought this made quite a nice photo:


But as I took it the lady who clearly owned the grapes started shouting at me. I did the English tourist thing of apologising in English but it obviously wasn’t understood.  She came rushing out of her house and towards me with a knife and indicated that I should ….absolutely cut a buch of grapes and keep them.  And did I want more?

And that is how I ended up the proud owner of some not very sweet but not completely bitter grapes….:o/


I love our kind of holidays :o)

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