The joy of webcams

I have a new work lap top.

This is a good thing as my old one had been around twice as long as Little Pea has and, due to the number of lunches eaten over it, was a bit of a health hazard.

This is not a good thing because I now have a webcam that not only works (the one on the old laptop never did), but it starts up automatically when I have a meeting.

Three meetings later I now have a small list of things to remember that will no doubt grow rapidly:

  • Do hair and make up.  Gone are the days of working from home when nobody can see me.   (In my first meeting today I failed miserably – I only realised that the person I was meeting with could see me when I saw myself pop up on the screen looking more than a little scary.  Luckily, the lady I was meeting with is a) very lovely and b) also forgot about her webcam.  We looked like a right pair….)
  • Don’t get up part way through a meeting for a wander. (Second meeting I did just this and couldn’t work out why I was hearing someone saying ‘um, where have you gone?’.  Its cyber stalking, practically.)
  • Don’t pick that sore bit on your face while in a meeting.  (I actually finished my third meeting with blood on my face, which is probably worse than scary hair and lack of makeup.  Professional.)

I’m only amazed that Norman didn’t get involved.  Maybe he’s not keen on the camera either.

I guess crocheting my way through meetings (it helps me focus, I promise!) are also a thing of the past.  Unless I can work out how to turn the thing off :o)


completely irrelevant, but it reminds me of my holiday, where I would have rather been today

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4 Responses to The joy of webcams

  1. raychole says:

    I know a lot of people who put a sticky note across the camera.

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