Happy pants and houses

I have a pair of happy pants.  When I wear them, happy things often happen.  Sometimes I wear them if I need some specific to happiness.  I don’t wear them too often as 1) I don’t want to wear out their affect and 2) I don’t want to wear them out….they are pretty old these days.

Anyway, On Tuesday I put my happy pants on as some phone calls on Monday relating to my house made be think I might need them.  And sure enough, by Tuesday lunchtime, almost five weeks after my house went on the market, I was officially ‘under offer’.  I have one of those ‘Sold STC’ labels on the Pog Towers internet thingy.  It’s very exciting.

Most exciting is that I no longer have to have people viewing my house, which means I don’t have to keep it looking pristine.  It wasn’t intentional, but by the end of Tuesday things had gone from ‘show house’ to ‘have you been burgled?’  It also means I don’t have to put up with weird questions, like ‘Does your shed have electricity?’ ‘Are you leaving the curtains? and ‘Where do you keep the hoover?’  Those are the only questions one person asked.  I must have answered them right though as she was one of the people that put in an offer.

So things should all be falling into place, right?  Erm, not quite.  I don’t know if you get house buying nerves but I’m now having a minor panic that maybe Pog Towers 2 shouldn’t be Pog Towers 2.  Maybe there is a Pog Towers 2.1 out there that is better.  And that’s why Sister 2 and I have just been to view a house that is the complete opposite to the one I actually have an offer on.  It is 300 years old, needs a few things replacing (like the ceilings, some of the walls, the wiring and most of the windows) and I love it.  I think I’d need bottomless pockets to buy it though…

But we had a giggle viewing.  The bathroom, for example, had a sloping ceiling and sloping floor:


The electrics were….interesting:


The plug coming out the wall is upside down. But that’s ok, because the socket is too…

And the ceilings…well:


We chatted with the neighbour outside who gave up the lowdown:  He has no idea how it is staying up and there is nothing supporting it….other than the houses either side.  We chatted for a long time and he told us lots of useful information.  I asked about noise between the houses and he said there is one point between his and this house where there used to be a door and they could hear the man who used to live there, and that apparently the neighbours on the other side can hear through the walls of one bedroom.  And that is when Sister 2 came into her own with perhaps the most embarrassing comment she’s ever made:  ‘Oh that’s ok’ she informed him. ‘My sister is very single’.  Yup, thanks for that, Sister 2.

So on the way home Sister 2 and I talked through all the reasons I absolutely shouldn’t consider it.  The list went on and on and on. ‘So don’t put an offer in then’ she said.  ‘Oh no.  I’m putting in an offer.’ I replied.  Good.  That was a useful conversation then.

I have no idea what to do and I am no good at this adulting lark.  I think I need to put my happy pants back on. :o)


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