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Bruises and bath mats

As you know if you visit me here often, I’m staying with my parents at the moment while I attempt to buy Pog Towers 2*.  I expected some learning curves.  I expected to become more aware that Mum and Dad … Continue reading

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Good bye Pog Towers. Hello….

It’s finally happened. Pog Towers is no longer mine and Norman and I are staying at my parents until I buy Pog Towers 2.  It’s been a funny few days. Norman has spent most of it under my bed, but … Continue reading

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Don’t mind the gaps

This time last year I said I didn’t think there would be time for resolutions. It turns out leaving some gaps was a good plan. I’ve done the usual pog things – crocheted, baked (mostly badly), yoga-ed, spent lots of … Continue reading

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Return of the happy pants

My happy pants went on again today with real intent. Here is a brief background: My house went under offer a few weeks ago I’d already had my offer accepted on what was to be Pog Towers 2 I started … Continue reading

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Happy pants and houses

I have a pair of happy pants.  When I wear them, happy things often happen.  Sometimes I wear them if I need some specific to happiness.  I don’t wear them too often as 1) I don’t want to wear out … Continue reading

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Pog Towers 2?

You know how a while back I went out just to look at some furniture and came home having bought a wardrobe a third of the size of the one I already had?  Well, I’ve kind of done it again. … Continue reading

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