Bruises and bath mats

As you know if you visit me here often, I’m staying with my parents at the moment while I attempt to buy Pog Towers 2*.  I expected some learning curves.  I expected to become more aware that Mum and Dad are getting on a bit.  What I didn’t expect was to be the one that got in the bath to have a shower and to slip, fall out the bath and take the shower curtain and shower rail with me.  My parents may have almost 30 years on me, but it seems they are more spritely and able to stay upright than me.

To rectify the situation (me falling out the bath and ending up covered in bruises, not the fact that Mum and Dad are so spritely), I have bought a bath mat.  I did think I’d end up doing a few things like this when I moved in.  I didn’t think they would be to benefit me though….

* I say ‘attempting to buy’ because after some chaos that emerged yesterday things are not going to plan. I know in the big scheme of things house buying stress isn’t all that big a deal, but it is really getting to me at the moment, so if you have any spare positive thoughts floating around with you, could you send them this way please, before I go pop?  Thank you :o)

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6 Responses to Bruises and bath mats

  1. notewords says:

    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. Strength and blessings! ;-)

  2. CC says:

    I have a positive thought, or two, or three…..
    Firstly, you are fabulous, fun, kind hearted, clever and inspiring.
    Secondly, good things happen to good people.
    Thirdly, Pog Towers 2 needs you, and it will happen, maybe not in the initial timescales or manner you originally hoped, but it will happen.
    There, three in one hit.
    Hang on in there chick,

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