My weekend: show and tell

This weekend  I:

  • learned that there might be a morning and evening tea towel, but the morning tea towel should actually be used until 6.30pm, at which point swapping to the evening tea towel is essential. There is an element of confusion over the exact time of this swap on weekends when the clocks change, when the time is moved to 7pm.  I think.
  • rescued another earth worm on my run that had thrown itself from the bank only the road and then got in a pickle. This happens a lot up here. Frankly, I am concerned out the mental health of the local earth worms.  I also ran in the shape of an elephant, kind of:
  •  went for the biggest afternoon tea ever, for the Mummies in the family:

(There are the remnants)

  • let Norman outside, under strict supervision. I think he actually laughed:
  • took some more photos to practice with my new camera (and enjoyed spring while I was at it)

  • and made beef cobbler. Which wasn’t a Mary Berry recipe. Which is probably why it wasn’t entirely successful; punishment for defection….

I did a few other bits too, but that will do :o)

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4 Responses to My weekend: show and tell

  1. Michele Hush says:

    I love the Pog Blog!

  2. Janette says:

    Sounds pretty awesome!!!

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