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Feeling (very, very) guilty

So, having Covid is a bit rubbish. Managing to possibly give it to both your parents doesn’t come close.  I mean, we don’t 100% know that it was down to me, but I looked after Mum on the Monday – … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Bumpkinsville.

Today is final packing day.  Tomorrow morning I leave the Bumpkinsville area for the next volume in my life (‘chapter’ didn’t seem long enough.  I’m hoping for more than just one chapter). I’m going to miss quite a bit.  Obviously … Continue reading

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Good bye Pog Towers. Hello….

It’s finally happened. Pog Towers is no longer mine and Norman and I are staying at my parents until I buy Pog Towers 2.  It’s been a funny few days. Norman has spent most of it under my bed, but … Continue reading

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Not The Waltons

Every Sunday various combinations of Sister 1, Sister 2, Little Pea various other halves and I go to my parents house for Sunday dinner.  Mum cooks the main course and we take it in turns to make pudding, with varying … Continue reading

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A technology explosion

There has been a bit of a technology explosion around deepest, darkest Bumpkinsville. First, I decided it was high time I got some sort of device to use for the internet and the blog and various things, that wasn’t owned … Continue reading

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It’s only Tuesday?

It feels like a lot later in the week.  A short while ago my boss in America sent me an instant message about a decision I’d made.  We started discussing it and she asked for my phone number so we … Continue reading

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A delayed holiday update

I hope the last post explained why I may have chose to go on holiday with my parents this year.  Well, that and the fact that we all love Greek islands.   The parents (also known as ‘the old seniles’) have been … Continue reading

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