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Reasons number 3289752 – 3289754

So, once again, we should thank our lucky stars that this Pog is only an Auntie rather than a Mummy.  And this is why: Little Pea came to Beachville for a short stay this weekend. Nanny and Grandad brought him … Continue reading

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A different sort of weekend

This weekend was my annual visit to stay with the Lovely Nut in her lovely house (pictures here if you’d like to take a look).  It wasn’t quite as relaxing as it usually is, right from the start.  The Lovely … Continue reading

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When things don’t go to plan

Yesterday didn’t quite go to plan. The plan was to do a lovely autumn morning run with my group, finishing with everyone in pink running through Bumpkinstown high street for Breast Cancer Care, and in the afternoon to take Litte … Continue reading

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A long weekend away!

I think that when I told people who don’t know me very well that I was going to Barcelona for a long weekend with my Mum and Sisters, that they may have imagined a few days of culture and learning. … Continue reading

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Not The Waltons

Every Sunday various combinations of Sister 1, Sister 2, Little Pea various other halves and I go to my parents house for Sunday dinner.  Mum cooks the main course and we take it in turns to make pudding, with varying … Continue reading

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Disorganisation, leading to a suspected urine sample and a jumper that may well not have matching sleeves.

I am disorganised.  Really disorganised. At work, if I say I’ll do something, I’ll do it.  I’ll probably even deliver it early.  I can find that document you need from 5 years back, can write really detailed training instructions, and … Continue reading

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A Little Pea and me sleepover

I’ve wanted Little Pea to stay at Pog Towers for a night since…well pretty much since he was born.  With a teeny, tiny house, no spare room and no cot though, it wasn’t really do-able. 2¼ years on it still … Continue reading

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Time to de-frazzle*

*I may have just made up that word.  But I like it :o) A few of you might have noticed from the blog (and couldn’t have failed to notice if you’ve been unfortunate enough to talk to me), that things … Continue reading

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Slightly less chaos

This week was marginally better than last week on the chaos scale.  I actually thought I’d got it all over and done with on Monday as the size of the chaos that evening was quite big.  I got home to … Continue reading

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A week of chaos

I promise that (unfortunately) none of what you’re about to read is made up.  It never is – I lack the imagination – but it may all sound a bit farfetched.  It’s actually just my life. So, this week has … Continue reading

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