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Oh arse. Sheep arse.

I have sat here all day, running client Zooms sessions.  It wasn’t until the fifth session, as I waited for my client to log on that I looked at the view behind me.  And realised that the toy sheep on … Continue reading

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Snowy bits and pieces

‘It never snows in Beachville’, Himself informed me. This was Monday night: ‘Well, not very much at all’, He said. And Tuesday morning the penguins started to disappear: But Norman loved it (Really.  He bounced around like a puppy ): … Continue reading

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Side effects of working from home

I’m starting to worry about me.  I’m really lucky – I get to work from home four days a week so I get to wear slippers at my desk, have Norman help with my work and eat all the food … Continue reading

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Michelin Pog

Most of the people in my office are at an event in the US this week.  That meant that I got to work from home yesterday and today and this has many benefits: I get an extra few hours in … Continue reading

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Time to de-frazzle*

*I may have just made up that word.  But I like it :o) A few of you might have noticed from the blog (and couldn’t have failed to notice if you’ve been unfortunate enough to talk to me), that things … Continue reading

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