Time to de-frazzle*

*I may have just made up that word.  But I like it :o)

A few of you might have noticed from the blog (and couldn’t have failed to notice if you’ve been unfortunate enough to talk to me), that things have been a little…well, frazzled lately.  On top of the other things I’ve mentioned, it turns out that my biggest issue with the new job has turned out not to be the fact that I sit with a group of people who don’t understand that humans are allowed to interact with each other.  No…the biggest issue is the fact that of a team of six people, in just over a week I will be the only one left (other than an intern in Philadelphia who works 1.5 days a week and needs micromanaging).  They have all quit.  Was it something I said?

It’s already silly busy – a few days ago I actually tried to join one call through the sound on my laptop (right earphone), one through my phone (headset on left ear) and as my hands were free, I tried to create a communications plan at the same time.  Needless to say, all that I achieved was a very confused brain and un-muting of the wrong call when I had to speak.

To address the fact that I am the last man standing and the workload is quite high; the powers that be have decided to bring in a consultant.  For two days a week.  They wont be hiring anyone new until at least April.  Now, I know maths isn’t my strong point, but I’m still not quite getting how this is supposed to work out.  And if one more person tells me ‘this is a fantastic opportunity’, there is a good chance I will bop them on the nose.  I have cried, panicked, asked advice, created plans, worked out quicker ways of getting through current tasks and now….now I am just trying to focus on having a balance.  I will work my bottom off when I am working, but I will not break myself to try to get more than one person can manage done. (Note:  This is today.  Tomorrow I could be back to the panicking or possibly the crying.  Who knows?).

I have to admit, I’ve not quite got this right.  The Saturday before last I was up at 6am to get some things that could only be done on a Saturday.  Unfortunately, the people in the US hadn’t managed their part overnight and I couldn’t do the bulk of what I needed to until they got up.  ‘Balance!’ I thought.  So I balanced my laptop on the ironing board, got out my sewing machine and between emails to management informing them that ‘things weren’t quite on schedule, but would be soon’ and ‘we’d hit a small issue, but it was not insurmountable’, I um…made an elephant:


I think I got it better today though.  It was such a beautiful morning (and I’ve been working from home), that I took some photos between ticking things off my to do list.  It’s certainly given me a bit of perspective as I’ve not spent the entire day nose to lap top.  I thought you might like to see them in case you’ve had a frazzled day too :o)

Ice on my conservatory roof

Ice on my conservatory roof

Blue sky!

Blue sky!

Mr Blackbird

Mr Blackbird

lunch time!

lunch time!

And finally, after 4 years of waiting, Big Robin has a friend :o)

And finally, after 4 years of waiting, Big Robin has a friend :o)


And now I am stepping away from the laptop.  To crochet a hippo.  Obviously :o)

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2 Responses to Time to de-frazzle*

  1. Sally Hinder says:

    Hi Helen, how are you! I love your posts, they make me chuckle so much. Sorry to hear things are pretty tough at work though. I read you’re hiring a consultant to help. Have you already found one? If not, I do offer consulting work

    If you are still looking let me know and I can send over my Cv

    Otherwise, hang in there!


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