The unfatness plan….sorted?

I was looking for an old post on here the other day and stumbled on a huge number relating to various unfatness plans.  In the time I’ve been writing this blog I’ve done swimming, attempted pole dancing, failed miserably at the gym and been far too enthusiastic when it comes to cycling.

I’ve had the plan wrong all the time though.  I’ve discovered what you actually need to do is:

  • Walk 30 minutes from the station to the office, then from the office to the station, three times a week…
  • …carrying a rucksack that makes you resemble a German tourist (again, no offence to German tourists).
  • The ruck sack must weigh at least 1 stone / 14 pounds / 6 kg when full (I started weighing it when people started commenting that it looked a bit heavy).
  • And you must always be running a tiny bit late so, while you don’t have to break into a run, you’re doing a bit of a waddle-skip-walk type of thing.

The only slight flaw in the plan is discovering somewhere that sells amazing chocolate croissants that are a great reward for, well, just for being you.  If I manage to avoid that every morning I’m hopeful that by summer I may have a flawless unfatness plan, finally! :o)


I pass this coffee place on my commute, and each day they have a new sign. I love it :)

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2 Responses to The unfatness plan….sorted?

  1. I saw a good coffee shop board in Boston – ‘To err is human, to arr is pirate’ :)

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