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#this is me

Back in August I told you about a film we created at work (#thisisme) where I talked about my hair pulling from a few years back.  Happily there wasn’t much of me in the final cut (I’m still weirded out … Continue reading

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New desk, new colleagues, complete lack of patience

Last week I moved desks at work.  Again.  This time it was only two floors, but it was the biggest sh*t show yet.  I’d packed a crate the previous week and been promised that my new desk may have no natural … Continue reading

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Remembrance art

At 10 am this morning someone from Facilities in a different office to mine sent me an email to inform that they have no tannoy system and the fire alarm was malfunctioning and once on is difficult to turn off.  From … Continue reading

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Table for two?

It’s often a bit of an effort to raise a smile first thing on a Monday morning, isn’t it?  Yesterday morning was different: I got the giggles before 8am. A month or so back, for no apparent reason, one an area … Continue reading

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Professional Pog tried. Professional Pog failed.

Hooray!  I have done my first week – well, four days –  in my new job and they’ve not said they’re getting rid of me yet.  All other aspects haven’t gone quite to plan though. You know I was going … Continue reading

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A few observations

Just a few of this weeks observations: The sign at the coffee place I walk past on the way to work.  I really should actually buy some coffee from there – it’s getting a bit awkward hiding to one side … Continue reading

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Have a lovely….

You know how while you’re in the middle of talking, you can have a conversation with yourself in your head at the speed of light?  (It’s not just me, is it?)  Well, that happened to me this week, but it … Continue reading

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